Top Golf

Trying for a hole in one. My husband and I went to Top Golf last night with a couple of friends. It’s basically a driving range where you hit golf balls and try to hit in the different nets for points. It’s nice if you’re trying to improve your hits but mostly it’s a place … Continue reading Top Golf


The Words of Dreams.

Photo by Pixabay on “You can be anything you want,” they said. “The sky’s the limit. The world is your own.” “I want to be a writer,” I said. “I want to tell stories; books full of dreams and adventures and lovers united and overcoming adversity with faithful pets by my side.” “You can … Continue reading The Words of Dreams.

The Relaxation Station.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Relaxation hasn’t changed much for me over the years. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by my daily life, I get under my fuzzy blanket, snuggle down onto the couch and read my book. If it’s been one of those days and I get home and can’t seem to concentrate on … Continue reading The Relaxation Station.

5 Things I Like About Tasting Watermelon.

I was looking around for post ideas (again and I came across this neat idea about playing the adjective game with your senses. You can do it for any of your senses but they gave the example of what you like about tasting a certain food. Today I want to focus on watermelon. It’s a … Continue reading 5 Things I Like About Tasting Watermelon.