Sunday Scribblings: Bed

I make my bed every day. It’s not always when I get up right away, but I always try to go back and make it before the morning’s over with. There’s just something satisfying about a made bed. It’s like you can start the day on the right foot. Plus, it’s nice to get into … Continue reading Sunday Scribblings: Bed

No Interest.

Photo by Ike louie Natividad on My interest in reading books is waning again. Don't worry, I'm not depressed or anything; this is something that happens to me occasionally. I'll get super excited about reading and read a whole bunch, so I check out a whole bunch of books and suddenly I don't feel … Continue reading No Interest.

Do I exist when I don’t write?

Photo by Tuesday Temptation on There is a constant pressure to create. If you don't write, sing, take pictures, make music, play sports, anything...then you don't exist. You exist, but you're kind of forgotten after a while. We write to know that we're not alone Is what the line always says. Or maybe it … Continue reading Do I exist when I don’t write?