And it snows.

Snow branches. Photo by Ashley French copyright January 2023 It’s been snowing off and I’m the past week. I took my dog for a walk in the snow and he was so happy. We then went for a hike in the woods, which I enjoyed since no one else had been there really and the … Continue reading And it snows.

Winter camping, December 2022.

Camp life. Copyright Ashley French 2022 We decided we wanted to go camping this weekend. So far, winter’s been mild for us; nevertheless, the temps are steadily taking a downward spiral. Friday was a surprisingly sunny day until my husband came home when it decided to rain as we packed the car for the weekend. … Continue reading Winter camping, December 2022.

Favorite Winter Activities.

Photo by Ashley French, May 2022 I’m not much of a winter person, I tend to stay in a lot because cold is annoying. In spite of this, I’ve managed a few activities that I enjoy doing, even if they’re mundane. Skiing/snowboarding (don’t do much but I like it.) Drinking hot chocolate Lighting candles Reading … Continue reading Favorite Winter Activities.