Weathering the Elements.

Daily writing promptWhat is your favorite type of weather?View all responses Photo by Gantas Vaiu010diulu0117nas on I'm typically a sunny, warm weather type of person. I love to go hiking, biking, and exploring different parks as well as reading outside. There's just something peaceful about being out in nature in warm weather. Even though … Continue reading Weathering the Elements.


2022 in Review

Alan over at They Call Me Tater did his year in review and of course being that type of person, I thought that this was a good idea and wanted to do my own post. Winter 2022 started off a little rocky, at the end of January my husband and I both got sick for … Continue reading 2022 in Review

Winter camping, December 2022.

Camp life. Copyright Ashley French 2022 We decided we wanted to go camping this weekend. So far, winter’s been mild for us; nevertheless, the temps are steadily taking a downward spiral. Friday was a surprisingly sunny day until my husband came home when it decided to rain as we packed the car for the weekend. … Continue reading Winter camping, December 2022.

Favorite Winter Activities.

Photo by Ashley French, May 2022 I’m not much of a winter person, I tend to stay in a lot because cold is annoying. In spite of this, I’ve managed a few activities that I enjoy doing, even if they’re mundane. Skiing/snowboarding (don’t do much but I like it.) Drinking hot chocolate Lighting candles Reading … Continue reading Favorite Winter Activities.

Successful Weekend.

It’s been a successful weekend. Friday night I went to the golf course to watch my husband play golf. He rented a golf cart and drove us around the 9 holes. They’re remodeling the course so we could only play the front 9 holes. It was nicer riding the cart. Before we had to walk … Continue reading Successful Weekend.