What’s your favorite meal to cook or eat? It all depends on my mood, I believe. I don’t eat beef to be honest, it usually feels heavy in my stomach. My favorite meals usually include chicken, fish, or some other kind of poultry. Baked chicken with rice or mashed potatoes and a vegetable is heavenly … Continue reading Meal.


Golf Cat.

Photo by Ashley French 2022 I don’t like cats normally but this one was pretty determined to get some special food from me. He thought he was human or something the way he sat on the chair and on the table.I’m glad he didn’t get closer and activate my allergies.

Putting Sweet into Sweet Potatoes.

Photo by Ashley French 2022 I’m not a big fan of sweet potatoes but a couple weeks or so ago I found a recipe for a sweet potato casserole to make for my husband occasionally since he likes sweet potatoes. It’s more like a dessert than an actual side dish so take that for what … Continue reading Putting Sweet into Sweet Potatoes.

5 Things I Like About Tasting Watermelon.

I was looking around for post ideas (again and I came across this neat idea about playing the adjective game with your senses. You can do it for any of your senses but they gave the example of what you like about tasting a certain food. Today I want to focus on watermelon. It’s a … Continue reading 5 Things I Like About Tasting Watermelon.