Weathering the Elements.

Daily writing promptWhat is your favorite type of weather?View all responses Photo by Gantas Vaiu010diulu0117nas on I'm typically a sunny, warm weather type of person. I love to go hiking, biking, and exploring different parks as well as reading outside. There's just something peaceful about being out in nature in warm weather. Even though … Continue reading Weathering the Elements.


Do you have children?

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain. I don't like being asked when I'm having children. It doesn't matter when I'm having children because it's no one else's business except for myself and my husband. Whether or not I have children doesn't affect you in any way, so don't ask me. I … Continue reading Do you have children?

Feeling Old

Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore? I don’t think so. I never went out to the clubs and partied when I was younger so I don’t miss that. I still read whatever books I want to read and I go hiking and rock climbing when I’m able too. We still travel … Continue reading Feeling Old