An Adventurous Fall Weekend.

The weather was nice this weekend -- warm and beautiful. I'd been suffering from a bad cough all week and was starting to feel like myself a little bit so my husband took me out on little mini excursions. The Harley Davidson dealership had one of the humane societies out for an event called "Hogs … Continue reading An Adventurous Fall Weekend.


Seeing the Amish in the Modern World.

Photo by Simon Hurry on There's something about seeing the Amish out and about. They are a stark contrast between the modern, technological world and the old fashioned one. It's like seeing the 1800's come to life before your eyes. When I go shopping over in the next town over, there's a high chance … Continue reading Seeing the Amish in the Modern World.

The Words of Dreams.

Photo by Pixabay on “You can be anything you want,” they said. “The sky’s the limit. The world is your own.” “I want to be a writer,” I said. “I want to tell stories; books full of dreams and adventures and lovers united and overcoming adversity with faithful pets by my side.” “You can … Continue reading The Words of Dreams.