Top 10 School Murder Mysteries

This week’s top ten Tuesday is a freebie but it has to be related to school or academia in some way or have school supplies in the cover or something that you learned from. Since mysteries, thrillers, and suspense are popular right now, here are ten books set at a school or school age students. … Continue reading Top 10 School Murder Mysteries

The Captain’s Quiz 8: Summer Side Up

Photo by Pixabay on Paul over at The Captain's Speech does quizzes every once and a while, so I decided to do his most recent one called Summer Side Up. I'd never done one before or even seen them pop up before so I decided to finally participate. The 10 Questions You are going … Continue reading The Captain’s Quiz 8: Summer Side Up

The Ideal Book Club

Describe your ideal book club. I’m part of a book club at work. It’s not a traditional club because everyone who comes talks about their own book. We talk about what we’ve read, what we’re currently reading, and what we want to read. Some people don’t talk about what they’ve read at all, they just … Continue reading The Ideal Book Club


We are going to my mom’s house tonight to visit for the weekend. My husband is playing golf with the company and there’s different opportunities to win prizes. I hope he wins something. It’ll also be nice to see my mom, I hadn’t seen her since June. I like visiting her.

My Week in Books & Movies 8/19/2022

TV We didn't really watch a lot of television shows on tv while it was airing. We watched a little bit of America's Got Talent but we didn't like any of the talents that made it to the finals. I generally don't like talent shows anymore because of this. I watched a little bit of … Continue reading My Week in Books & Movies 8/19/2022

Golf Cat.

Photo by Ashley French 2022 I don’t like cats normally but this one was pretty determined to get some special food from me. He thought he was human or something the way he sat on the chair and on the table.I’m glad he didn’t get closer and activate my allergies.

America’s Got Talent is a Bust.

We tried watching America’s Got Talent last night, but we decided to shut it off. Even though it was the finals, we didn’t think any of the talents we saw in the first 30 minutes were any good. I wanted to watch it because apparently these two brothers from the town I grew up in … Continue reading America’s Got Talent is a Bust.