Lorain, Ohio March 2021

Going down the walkway. Copyright March 2021 Ashley French

Two years ago, I went up to visit my husband after he got off his second job at the time. It was close to Lake Erie so we decided to go up there to visit. We decided to visit a different town than we usually go to when we go up there called Lorain.

The town was pretty much dead for the season since it was March, and rightly so, as it was still 36 degrees by the lake in comparison to 50-60ish degrees down by our house, a mere 2 hours away. We enjoyed the views anyway and enjoyed seeing the lighthouse.

The lighthouse and some random house. Copyright March 2021 Ashley French

We also ate breakfast at this little coffee and bagel shop for breakfast and had bagel breakfast sandwiches. I’d go back again. Sadly, this was the last time we went up to Lake Erie. Maybe we’ll go again someday, or maybe even see the other Great Lakes.


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