What I’ve Read, What I’ve Seen 2/22/23.

I recently finished reading Spare by Prince Harry. I wanted to read it because I’m into the royal family (mostly the kings and queens of old, but I’m not opposed to learning about the modern family) and wanted to know what he had to say. I finished the book on Monday and I have to say that I don’t know what to say about the book. There was some things that I learned that were very interesting and other things that I found completely strange. I was hoping that he’d mention more about his mother (Diana) and her side of the family after her death, but he didn’t really talk much about them except in passing. He mostly talked about his strained relationship with his father and brother as well as his military career. I found that to be interesting because I didn’t realize he was actually deployed, but apparently he went to Afghanistan for a couple of tours before the Taliban found out that he was in the area and had to be sent back to England. People either love Harry or hate him and it’s the same with his book. I think his emotions and some of the experiences he faced were true to a certain extent but his emotions seemed to overcome him throughout the book and I’m not sure if what he was describing was exaggerated because he feels angry and slighted or if he just remembered them wrong. Either way, his anger and complaints got tiring after a while.

I was interested in reading more about when he met Meghan and their relationship, but he doesn’t reveal anything more than what’s already been said in the media, which was disappointing.

I got a free trial of Amazon Prime so I was watching Reacher. There are only 8 episodes, but each one is close to an hour and are intense enough to be their own movie within each episode. I was impressed with the guy who plays Reacher in this season. He’s everything I imagined Reacher to be. There was a weird back story of Reacher and his brother. I’m not sure if that particular storyline is portrayed in the books but it didn’t detract from the main storyline. I remembered some of Killing Floor, the book that season one of Reacher was based on and I think they did a good job at staying with the story. I don’t know if we’ll keep Prime, but I hope to someday watch season two.

We started watching a movie called Surrogates on Hulu last night starring Bruce Willis and Rosamund Pike. It involves robots and humans stay home and operate their robot look alikes to go outside and interact for them in the outside world. Then someone starts murdering people in their homes and Bruce Willis goes out into the world to figure out who is committing the murders. We didn’t finish it, but so far it’s super weird.

I’m almost done with book three of a Civil War series that I’ve been reading off and on since around Thanksgiving. I enjoy the books, but they’re four hundred pages each and it takes me forever to finish reading them. I don’t know what I’m going to read after this. Something from one of my bookcases, I’m sure.

Other than that, I haven’t led an exciting life. We’re deciding on colors for our house (or as my husband said, you’re the one deciding the colors, sigh.) I went to the fitness center a couple times to work out for an hour and generally just keeping up housekeeping.


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