Valentine’s Day 2023

I started feeling better yesterday but I still felt tired with a lingering headache and tiredness. My husband took the day off yesterday so we spent it together. We tried a new (to us) smoothie shop. It was good but seemed overly sweet. Maybe because we’re trying to eat healthier that added sugars seemed too sweet for me. We then took a walk and found and old park surrounded by baseball fields. We saw the library in the distance so Adam told me to walk there while he got the car.

We went in to use the restroom and it was a nice place but didn’t get a movie or anything. Afterwards we drove around different little towns just to see what they looked like. I enjoyed finding a little log cabin at one of the parks.

We went home and tried to figure out where we were going for supper. I ended up suggesting a restaurant that I went to a couple years ago. He’d never heard of it and we went there right before 4. I had the grilled chicken sandwich with fries and he had 2 different kinds of salads. Overall it was a nice dinner.

In the way home we stopped by Tractor Supply to see if they had their baby chickens in yet and look at their coops. We had chickens before but raccoons got them and just devastated us because they were our babies.

It’s be nice to have more animals but I’m not sure what we’d get.


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