Life Updates

We didn’t do much this weekend. I woke up with a cold Friday morning so even if we did have plans I wouldn’t have been able to do them. We ended up staying at my mom’s house and Adam went in various in the area while I laid out on the couch watching tv. My mom wanted to watch HGTV on our Discovery + so we watched several episodes of Log Cabin Living and House Hunters.

When my mom got tired of watching tv, I watched a few episodes of Finding Jesus in Discovery which originally aired in on CNN a few years ago. I remembered some of it but I enjoyed watching it again. I’ll have to finish watching it.

I also read some of my book, the third in a series that I started a few months ago. I enjoy the books but they’re 400 pages long and take a while for me to finish. I also brought Prince Harry’s book with me that I started but didn’t feel like reading this weekend. Some of what he talks about is interesting and other parts I just don’t care.

I’m feeling a little bit better today so I hope I recover enough to be able to go out with my husband for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. We’ll see.


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