Feeling Old

Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?

I don’t think so. I never went out to the clubs and partied when I was younger so I don’t miss that. I still read whatever books I want to read and I go hiking and rock climbing when I’m able too. We still travel and do that sort of thing, but that hinges on if we have the time off to do that, plus some extra money. I’m still hoping to get a newer PlayStation so that I know what I’m missing in that area.

If you allow yourself to feel old then you’re going to act like it and that’s when you start to slow down and I don’t have time for that.


One thought on “Feeling Old

  1. Yes, Ashley, I am feeling older. At my age and what I’ve been thru, it’s hard not to feel that way. Reading a book is something that I don’t do that often, even though I have many of them. Just can’t get myself to just sit & read. Why? I have no real answer to that. Serving in the US Navy for 11 yrs. with a Tour in Vietnam scared the hell out of me, a few times. Working for 30 yrs. in the Machinist Trade where the temp. can reach over 90 deg. can & did wear me out, and machining parts in thousands of inches took a toll on me. I retired from all that! No more nerves being real bad, but I still have to do a medication. I also have a PlayStation. It’s a Playstation 2. I would like to up-grade, but they are not cheap. Then you have to buy all new games on top of that! I do what my ole’ body will allow. I keep getting along. Ride my bicycle when weather get’s warmer. Going “out there” with my Nikon or Pentax keeps my interest. You are alot younger than me, from what I can gather. Be Well.

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