Blood in the Water, a Hunt a Killer Mystery Book.

I’ve read Educated by Tara Westover and Blood in the Water by Caleb Roehrig in the last week or so. I finished Blood in the Water over the weekend and I have to say that it’s not the best of mysteries, even for a young adult book. Hunt a Killer is the one hiring writer ms to pen these stories and while it makes sense for them to dip their toes into writing mysteries, the way they wrote this story was formulaic.

If you don’t know what Hunt a Killer is, it’s a subscription box mystery game. You may monthly or for a whole season and for 6 months you’ll receive a box in the mail each month filled with clues to a mystery that you’re trying to solve. Each box you receive builds on the previous box until the sixth box when everything is revealed. You can also buy shorter mystery games from their website to solve in a night or so or from participating stores like Target and Barnes and Noble.

I’ve never subscribed to Hunt a Killer, I found out about when the company sponsored some of my true crime YouTubers for a little plug at the beginning of their video so I had to look up how it was done. I found out about the books when my library acquired one of the books and I decided to read it. There’s 2 books right now and I’m sure there’s more.

Even though the story isn’t the best, I was invested in finding out who the killer was. I even took notes! Everything kept coming back to this business tycoon guy because all the other suspects had some kind of dealing or misgiving about him, but two of the suspects were just as suspicious. While they were involved with tycoon guy they were just red herrings to throw me off of the real guy and yet they were all connected. So that was fun but I wouldn’t say it was a great book story wise.

Maybe Hunt a Killer will read this and let me have a 6 month season for free! Haha, I’m only joking (his a little.)


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