Things I’d like to do with my life someday.

  • Get a degree in business and creative writing
  • Hike the entire Appalachian trail
  • Work for the military (as a civilian)
  • Move to a different state or country. Preferably in the mountains. Either the Appalachians or up in Alaska somewhere.
  • Learn to snowboard properly so I can understand why my husband loves it.
  • Learn another language fluently
  • Have my own travel van so the husband and I can see the country whenever.
  • Adopt a husky. I know they’re the most difficult breed of dog to have but they’re beautiful and I want to have one just once to say I did it.
  • Get published and/or publish a book.
  • Get paid to blog or talk about books.
  • Read all the books I own, get rid of the ones I don’t want to keep and just read on the kindle or Nook.
  • Live in a tiny house for a while or even a big house. Heck, let’s just buy all the houses.
  • See a bear in the wild. I went to Alaska last year and I’m still salty that I didn’t see a single bear in a state swarming with bears
  • To be continued!

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