2022 in Review

Alan over at They Call Me Tater did his year in review and of course being that type of person, I thought that this was a good idea and wanted to do my own post.


2022 started off a little rocky, at the end of January my husband and I both got sick for a couple of weeks. It just so happened that we received the worst winter weather in a while. The weekend after we felt ourselves again, which happened to be Valentine’s weekend, we went to Red River Gorge state park in West Virginia to see what it was about. Needless to say, it was super beautiful and I wouldn’t mind going back again.

A long way down. Photo by Ashley French February 2022


Spring was our busy time. After two years of being forced to postpone it due to the pandemic, we finally went on our honeymoon as well as celebrate our 2 year anniversary. It was well worth the seas Alaska was beautiful. I’d love to go back again as there were things we weren’t able to do or see the first time around. When we got back, we had to watch our husband’s parents dogs for the weekend. It was nice to relax and be with the dogs.

Looking at the scenic Denali snow pile. Photo taken by my husband May 2022


We didn’t do much over the summer. We went on a couple of camping trips and went to a couple different parks and enjoyed nature. My husband took up golfing so we did some miniature golf and I went to watch him play in the course and I’m his lessons. My in laws’ dogs died within a couple weeks of each other so we spent the weekend after the last one died to be with them. It was sad because even though the dogs were loud, they were sweet dogs. We ended the summer by going down to my mom’s house while my husband went to his work golf tournament. He didn’t win but it was fun.

Practicing his putting. Photo by Ashley French August 2022


My husband celebrated his birthday in the fall, so we were working on the house to get it ready for his birthday bonfire. We had family over and it was fun. We’d also gone to a festival the weekend before and went out for breakfast for his birthday. On his actual birthday he went golfing as he got to play for free and went to a new park he wanted to visit. Overall, fall was good.

Enjoying a nice birthday. Photo by Ashley French September 2022


The end of the year is coming up. We celebrated thanksgiving at both sets of parents house. We looked at a house for sale then went for a winter camping trip. We’ll be celebrating Christmas and New Year’s soon so that will be fun. On New Year’s we’ll be celebrating 4 years together and I’m so happy to be living life with my husband.

Watching the World Cup final. Go Argentina! Photo by Ashley French December 2022

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