Calm Meditation

I got the Calm app about a week ago, they were doing a Black Friday deal for a year so I took it. I thought it was mostly an app full of sleep stories to help you fall asleep at night.

It had a whole lot more than that.

There’s daily meditations led by different people as well as calming music to help you focus on different things throughout the day or even fall asleep as well as sleep stories. Not to mention the different stories are super cool and calming. I’ve been listening to the National Parks series and it’s helped me fall asleep.

I’ve also been listening to the Daily Jay for my meditation. His program is only 7-8 minutes every day, so it’s doable, plus he’s got many good insights to think about. I’m starting to get better at doing the 2 minute meditation at the end of his message, so maybe I’ll try one of the 10 minute ones. I tried one the first couple days but couldn’t quite focus so maybe I’ll do better now.

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