Alaskan Dreams.

Photo by Ashley French, May 2022

I’ve been missing Alaska in the last couple of days. Maybe weeks, maybe even months since we went there in May. No matter where we went, my eyes were saturated with the beauty around me.

There’s so much more to Alaska and I didn’t even see a quarter of it. I feel like I’d need several summers to see it all and maybe not even then.

I long to go back there. I’d go back now if I was able. But I don’t know if I’ll ever go again. Wouldn’t it be nice though?

Until then, I have pictures to look back on.


6 thoughts on “Alaskan Dreams.

    1. That’s so awesome, the couple I know who were stationed there for a while hated it but I loved it. Someone got killed during an exercise by a bear right around the time we went and everyone wanted to talk about it. Also a couple guys got killed climbing Denali same day we saw the mountains. Maybe we just need to stay home 😆

      1. Yeah…I think the cold would get to me eventually. I don’t think the couple I know liked the cold either.

        I think the guy was dropped off with his company for field training and he passed a cave with baby bears and of course mom came running. So sad!

  1. Alaska is a place I would enjoy visiting, but never will. There is so much history there to see. The town of Skagway is just one town, among others, that would be great to visit. I bought a book about Skagway that tells the story of it. They have told that the town is haunted from those Gold Miners from the past. Is it?

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