Halloween Weekend 2022.

Last Friday night (October 28) we went on a haunted history ghost tour. We spent the night in the castle that was next to the cemetery, so naturally we came up here 2 years later for the ghost walk. My husband wasn’t sure he would like going but later said he enjoyed it.

The guide told us about the history of the castle that was built on the land 20 years ago (it’s an American castle, after all, not the European ones) and some of the people that were buried there. Afterwards, she talked about some of the alleged hauntings which was fun to talk about and then we tried to talk to them. I was fascinated by it all and I would love to go on more haunted history walks.

On Sunday, we went to Malabar Farm State Park and did some walking. It was fun seeing the countryside and walk through the woods. There was a small cemetery from the 1800’s there and someone had put a cute scarecrow up. Our dog didn’t enjoy it a bit and barked his head off until he realized it was fake.

After our walk, we ate at the restaurant on Malabar Farm. The original owner always wanted a French-style restaurant so they built one many years later. My husband had French onion soup with salad and salmon. I had grilled ham and melted swiss cheese on a baguette with garlic mashed potatoes. It tasted too much like garlic but I enjoyed it.

After we ate, we drove up to the top of a hill that they call Mt. Geez. It was pretty steep but the views were beautiful. On the way there, we saw a sign for the Shawshank Redemption walking trail. At the end of the trail, hikers will find the place where one of the scenes from the movie the Shawshank Redemption was filmed. We didn’t walk the trail, but having seen the surrounding scenery, I’m pretty sure it’s the part where Morgan Freeman is walking along the stone fence and comes across the tree where Andy left a note for him. I’d like to go back again and walk the trail just to see that, not to mention take a tour of the original farm house and maybe do some horse riding.

Overall, it was a fun, relaxing weekend and I hope to experience something like this again.


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