An Adventurous Fall Weekend.

The weather was nice this weekend — warm and beautiful. I’d been suffering from a bad cough all week and was starting to feel like myself a little bit so my husband took me out on little mini excursions. The Harley Davidson dealership had one of the humane societies out for an event called “Hogs and Dogs.” They were cooking hot dogs and the humane society had a couple dogs up for adoption. They had a beautiful husky named Rebel and a 6-month old hound mix with whom I forget his name, it’s like Cocoa Puffs or something like that. They both came up to me and gave me big kisses all over and it made me feel good. We had our hot dogs, then Adam test drove a Livewire motorcycle–he was happy.

After we came home and rested, we went to a little park off the bike trail and did some Pokémon for community day. We hadn’t done one of those for a while so that was good– we hadn’t done an obsessive Pokémon run for a while and I was happy to get back into the game. That night we went out to dinner at a new place and thought it was good. It was cozy and warm with hardly any people in the restaurant. I had a pulled pork sandwich with fries and my husband had chili and a sandwich.

Sunday we went for a little walk by the bike trail again and saw a sign for honey and went to check it out. The man was selling huge jars of honey for $10, which wasn’t bad considering it was a lot of honey. We said we’d come back again once we ran out of our own honey. He says he’s out there most weekends when it’s nice out and if not, just knock on the back door.

We then went to the dog park and let our dog run around for a little bit and took a short hike. I was quick to wear out this weekend so the short excursions were enough for me. We ordered pizza and then waited in the square until it was ready. The trees were red and yellow and very pretty.

We came home and finished watching Where the Crawdads Sing. I thought it was a good movie and did pretty well following the book. Husband wanted to watch another episode of Big Shot on Disney+ so we did, then finished watching The Little Mermaid which apparently we started a long time ago.

And that was our weekend. I think that’s going to be one of our last nice weekends because the weather app says it’s going to be cold and rainy the rest of the week.

I didn’t read much in the past week, just a few pages, but I was busy doing other things. I didn’t want the weekend to end.


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