What I Watch & Read 10/3-10/7/2022

Photo by Anni Roenkae on Pexels.com

Our fall shows have started up here in my household. We are big fans of Survivor and The Amazing Race and the second episode for both shows started on Wednesday. Since we were out Wednesday night, we only caught Amazing race live and had to catch up with Survivor online last night. I’ve watched Survivor every since since the first one and have been a loyal fan ever since, but the last few seasons have found me feeling a little apathetic. The show is still good and I’ll still watch it, but I’m not as invested in it as I once was. The Amazing Race, however, is a show that I picked up in the last 3 years or so. I like the idea of contestants going to different countries around the world and completing tasks related to that country in order to get to the next leg (or country) of the race. Plus I like seeing the different countries. It’s just cool like that.

Season 2 of Ghosts also premiered last week and we watched episode 2 last night. It’s a comedy about a couple who buy a house to turn it into a bnb only for the woman to discover that different ghosts inhabit the house. We follow them through their various mishaps and backstories. Just funny in general.

As far as books are concerned, I’ve been reading a book anthology that my friend edited. It’s the second book in the anthology series and this book focuses on horror stories. Some of the stories are scary, some are sad and some are just weird. Last week I read The House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton and The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones. The Dies Drear book I remember reading in 5 or 6 grade and enjoyed it immensely, but I didn’t like it on the second reading. I don’t remember the book being as confusing when I first read it, but I was confused this time around. Good Indians just generally confused me. I read that in the Blackfeet nation, if you do a grievous wrong against nature, nature will strike back and in this case in the form of Elk Head Woman. Apparently she’s a real person in Native American folklore but who knows. I think I’ll have to re-read it again to understand what was going on because I just didn’t get the concept the first time.


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