My Week (8/8 thru 8/12 2022)

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It’s been a long week. Aside from working a couple days this week, I stayed home and did absolutely nothing other than washing dishes and doing laundry. I didn’t even leave the house to do a run to the Dollar General, and I always go at least once each week for something I’ve forgotten. I did, however, take the dog for a walk every day this week, and at least 30 minutes at that, so that’s impressive for me this week. I am, however, trying to break my dog of trying to chase the bikes and cars when we’re out, but I’m not sure what to do for him other than to pull his leash and say no. He knows he’s not supposed to do it, but still tries anyway. I don’t know why he’s suddenly doing the car chasing thing, but he hadn’t done that on our walks before that I remember from last year, except for maybe big utility trucks. Bicycles, I understand because he wants to run along with them.

I helped pull some weeds in the flower beds and vegetable garden. There’s still a million of them, but I need to get motivation to finish it all so I can say that I’m ready to put flowers and vegetables in.

I got a big raise at work so I’m super happy about that. Maybe we can actually get some stuff that we need to get done.

I’m reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas right now, probably about halfway through or just about. I wasn’t going to read it because I’ve tried several times since May and I just couldn’t get into it. But I got to around 50/60 pages and it finally got interesting so now I feel obligated to read it. It’s not a bad book, it just seems intense and dark to be a young adult book. But I shouldn’t be the one to say anything as I read a lot of dark and adult books when I was a teenager.

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